FLUSS is a powerful program for modeling flowing waters, consisting of two separate modules. The FLUSS-1D module allows for one-dimensional water level computations based on the laws of Manning-Strickler or Darcy-Weisbach (separation surface losses according to Pasche, Mertens or Nuding).

The FLUSS-2D module itself is divided into a graphical and a numeric component. The graphical component, which is a CAD/ArcGIS Pro application, enables you to create a calculation net and display the computation results. The numeric component contains a two-dimensional flow computation model, the finite volume algorithm is used as solution algorithm. The equations are solved explicitly, the computation in general is executed insteadily with variable time intervals.

With FLUSS-2D, you can simulate two-dimensional rain and surface run-off processes. For urban flash flood computations, bi-directional coupling of hydrodynamic sewage calculations (HYKAS) is supported.