FLUSSPLOT is a program that can be used to create longitudinal sections and transverse profile plans. It uses the same database as the FLUSS program and draws the water level and energy line in the sections and labels the drawing according to the results of the 1D or 2D calculation. If a quantity takeoff has been performed with FLUSS, FLUSSPLOT can display the result of the calculation in cross-section plans with uplift and downlift surfaces. The program also provides section functionality for 2D modeling.

FLUSSPLOT offers a wide range of options to customize the automatically generated drawings to your requirements. Scale, drawing and font size, and color and line definitions can be selected. In addition, specifications can be made as to whether and which results from the hydraulic calculation are to be displayed.

Depending on the selected calculation method, various parameters such as kst or ks value, vegetation parameters, terrain height, profile spacing and profile kilometers, flow water quantity as well as height of the water level can be displayed in the labeled cross-section plans. FLUSSPLOT can display up to three water levels from three hydraulic calculations and draw a second profile line such as terrain line or stand/planning.

The header of the program is variable and can be freely defined in terms of format and content. For better orientation, terrain sections can be created in FLUSS-2D, which can be inserted as a drawing block in the project DWG or in another DWG.

FLUSSPLOT can also show the result of a quantity takeoff in a cross-section plan by comparing two projects. The program draws left and right banks, water level, energy line, symbols such as company stamp and legend in longitudinal sections.

The program offers many customization options and can display the results of hydraulic calculation in cross-section plans and longitudinal sections.