Graphic-based editing

Working with graphics opens up new contemporary possibilities for data acquisition. This is particularly the case in the area of supply and disposal networks. For example, if we take the catchment areas, which are the basis for the sewer network calculation, then the area intersection, the automatic calculation of flow path and catchment area gradient leads to the better result - with less effort.

The models for the simulation of sewer and water supply networks usually deliver variable calculation results over time and place, which can hardly be displayed and evaluated in tabular or form-based ways. This is especially true for 2D HN models. This is where the graphics can help a great deal. It takes over postprocessing and offers the planning engineer the perfect basis for making decisions.

The graphics reduce the error rate, ensure redundancy and have intelligent update mechanisms. In addition, you always have an overview of the topicality and quality of the data.

Our software recommendation

Our program GraPS is a CAD-based package. It ensures that you can carry out pre- and post-processing for hydraulic calculations with HYKAS and CROSS as well as the subject of condition assessment/remediation planning very efficiently with our KAREL program. Furthermore, our 2D surface runoff and 2D floodoff calculations are not possible with the program FLUSS without graphics.

All products support AutoCAD and BricsCAD as CAD platform, FLUSS additionally supports ArcGIS Pro.